PehalHealthcare Genetic Brain Profile POWERED BY MiDNA.

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PEHALHEALTHCARE Genetic Brain Profile
because we believe everyone has equal INTELLIGENCE LEVEL

pHcare GBP online service available in DELHI-NCR ONLY

pHcare Brain profiling solution nurtures multiple intelligences and decode them. Every gadget irrespective of its size comes with a manual to guide us how to handle it efficiently. What about children? Parents learn them using trial and error method with an education system that does not encourage learning without stress. Mapping the inborn talents, Nurturing them and Making the right career choice is the major decision of one’s life and thus must be taken with complete prudence. Brain Profiling helps to choose the right education stream, Right Industry and Right Department to work. PehalHealthcare also request you to invite your friends to explore this new and innovative concept so that we can reduce the stress levels of parents and children to a large extent.

Genetic Brain Profiling is answer to all these and other such questions concerning your child’s talents and personality. Because children are different, the educational and career choices made for them have to be different too.

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How it helps to improve your child Intelligence

Develop logical or Mathematical Intelligence

Develop Verbal linguistic Intelligence

Develop Intrapersonal skills

Develop collaboration skills, makes people smart

Develop Body-Kinesthetic Intelligence

Develop Musical Intelligence

Develop Spatial Intelligence, makes Picture Smart

Develop Existential Intelligence, makes Cosmic Smart

Develop Natural Smart Intelligence

Why you are waiting for your 4Es (i.e. EXPLORE, ENGAGE, EXCEL, EXPERIENCE),Book An Appoinment with pHcare Brain Profiler Experts & Explore yourself & Your Child Intellegence.

Advantages of pHcare Genetic Brain Profiling for each and every AGE GROUP

  • It Identify natural talents and abilities, whether developed or not.
  • Preferred environments and situations.
  • Possible behavioral and learning difficulties.
  • Academic strengths and weaknesses.
  • Suitable learning styles.
  • Suitable subject choices and career paths.
  • How one perceives both social and economical information.
  • Interpersonal communication styles.
  • Causes of stress and handling thereof.
  • Relationship needs.
  • Possible hyperactive behavior.

Key Feature of pHcare Genetic Brain Profiling for each and every AGE GROUP

  • Learning Potential/Suitable Curriculum
  • Function wise capability/ Flexibility
  • Sensory Learning styles/ Duration
  • Educational & Subject Preferences
  • Hemispheric Dominance/Speed
  • Career Domains & Preferences
  • Aptitude Profile & Smartness Profile
  • Adult Learning Domains/Quotients
  • Personality & Behavioral Profile
  • DiSC Personality Mapping & MBTI
  • Career/Department Preferences